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Find Your strain with Marijuana Seeds Online Advisor - step by step procedure to choose best seeds for You. Sativa, Indica or a hybrid ? Growing marijuana indoors, outdoors, or hydroponics ? Production or the connoisseur ? Large plants or in a "Sea Of Green" ? To answer these questions and to find the marijuana seeds strain that's right for you, read this section and suck the knowledge! Great marijuana pictures.

Marijuana Seeds Advisor

We tried to collect as many growguides as possible. Why? Because they are personal and group experiences of pros and amateurs. They give us perspective and details. What is impossible to find in one guide, there is in another. Compare, build the knowledge, adjust it to Your personal needs and GROW. Describe what you think is important in your experiences and SHARE. We all need to learn from each others successes and mistakes.

Marijuana Growing Contents:

How much cannabis will my marijuana seeds yield?

Every marijuana grower dreams their marijuana seeds will produce heavy yields that will keep them toking easily until their next harvest. Or make them exceedingly wealthy.

But determining yields before the marijuana seeds have even been germinated is difficult. Yes, marijuana seed breeders provide the optimum yield for their cannabis seeds in their plant description. However, cannabis growers need to remember to provide the optimum conditions to grow their marijuana seeds.

Skunk Red Hair Marijuana Seeds 25 EUR Convert price to $ Price for 10 seeds at recommended seedbank
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Early flowering fast growing plant with excellent yield. The characteristic red hair make this plant unmistakable. The typical skunk taste and smell are kept along with the tight bud formation.
High: Wow, this is really some sugary and sweet gear! It makes my mouth water as I write about it now. It almost seems like you are eating a fruit with orange, lemon, a little berry and lots of natural sugar. High sets in within 15 minutes rather lightly and unnoticeable at first. There is a lively buzz felt and then it eases into a nice cerebral high that lasts for at least 2 hours! What a pleasant surprise. I expected it to be a mediocre taste and high but I was totally wrong. This was a Bud Blessing in disguise! I'd like some more please...

Type: indica-sativa mix
Yield: 500 gr/m²
Flowering period: 8-9 weeks
Grow Difficulty: easy

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Skunk Red Hair Cannabis Seeds

How much will my marijuana seeds yield is a common question. But it really is a loaded question that doesn't have a definite answer. It seems one of the first assumptions new gardeners make is loads of light automatically equals loads of marijuana buds. Unfortunately, it's just not that simple.

Great marijuana yield require a number of factors; light, temperature, humidity, water, nutrients, CO2/ventilation, genetics, etc. Most cannabis plants will slow or cease growth when temp rises above 85F or below 65f. Optimal temp for most marijuana seeds is about 72-78F with 5-10 degrees cooler during the dark period. Cannabis does best around 45%-55% humidity.

Drop humidity during the final two weeks of flower to help prevent mold problems.

Marijuana seeds generally don't like a soggy environment, so it's very important to have a fast draining soil/soil-less mix. Marijuana seeds will require a variety of nutrients at varying NPK ratios during their growth.

There is a plethora of marijuana fertilizers on the market, but the best marijuana fertilizer is the one that's used properly. When growing inside a marijuana grower must either have adequate ventilation to ensure that there is a constant supply of fresh air. Or one must have supplemental CO2.

The norm is to use more bluish light (Metal Halide, cool-white fluorescents) for vegetative marijuana growth and more reddish (High Pressure sodium, warm fluoro's) light for flowering marijuana.

Finally, yes, some marijuana seeds have the potential to yield more than other cannabis seeds. Buying heavy-yielding marijuana seeds doesn't automatically equal big marijuana yields, either.

It only means the cannabis seeds have potential for heavy yields. The marijuana grower must provide the optimum environment to be able achieve their marijuana seeds yield potential.

The longer a cannabis plant is kept in vegetative growth, allowing the small marijuana seeds to become very large plants, will increase yields substantially.

Simply put, the better develop the roots the more marijuana bud you will (potentially) have. Be sure to always allow plenty of space for the roots to grow and spread out, even more-so in soil. Before one becomes too concerned with marijuana yield, one must first learn how to grow cannabis plants well. Learn how to "listen" to the marijuana plants and give them just what they need. It's best to start with simpler methods.

Learn how to grow strong, healthy, fast-growing marijuana plants and heavy yields will come.

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