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Find Your strain with Marijuana Seeds Online Advisor - step by step procedure to choose best seeds for You. Sativa, Indica or a hybrid ? Growing marijuana indoors, outdoors, or hydroponics ? Production or the connoisseur ? Large plants or in a "Sea Of Green" ? To answer these questions and to find the marijuana seeds strain that's right for you, read this section and suck the knowledge! Great marijuana pictures.

Marijuana Seeds Advisor

We tried to collect as many growguides as possible. Why? Because they are personal and group experiences of pros and amateurs. They give us perspective and details. What is impossible to find in one guide, there is in another. Compare, build the knowledge, adjust it to Your personal needs and GROW. Describe what you think is important in your experiences and SHARE. We all need to learn from each others successes and mistakes.

Marijuana Growing Contents:

How To Start Marijuana Seeds In DWC System

A deep water culture setup is excellent for the personal use marijuana grower. Starting marijuana seeds for this cannabis growing method is rather easy. This method is excellent for germinating marijuana seeds. Start with standard rockwool cubes. Soak them in water.

Get your marijuana seeds ready. When your cubes have soaked up enough water take them to a bathtub. Give them 2 or 3 hardy shakes. DO NOT SQUEEZE OUT!

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'Hollands Hoop' crossed with the famous Skunk #1. After a few weeks of flowering the buds turn purple and you can watch the whole circle happening to harvest time. You'll really enjoy the formation of the purple glow once it start happening. It's very stable plant that even grows good in Holland with pretty cold weather conditions. Even Indoor this plant does grow perfectly.
High: Tastes like it smells; yummy with a cinnamon breakfast cake. Steady, crisp high. Very sharp, yet light mental relaxation. This happy, heady high is great for chatting, reading, and physical activity. All things considered, a perfect "wake and bake" ! - clear high for daily enjoyment.

Type: sativa
Yield: 400 gr/m²
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Grow Difficulty: easy

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A few hard shakes will release plenty of water. Making air pockets within the cube itself. These air pockets are very important for marijuana seed growth. By shaking out the cube you keep your marijuana seed from soaking to death...too much moisture will kill marijuana seedlings.

Poke the marijuana seed in the rockwool cube where the hole is pre-made. If you find that's too big for your marijuana seeds, turn the cube over and poke a smaller hole.

With most of the water out, pick the marijuana seeds you want to grow and drop them in the hole about 1/4"-1/2" down. Carefully squeeze the hole closed and place in a humidity dome. Light isn't all that important until the marijuana seed sprouts, however its very important to keep the temps around 80F. Warmth will speed up the process considerably.

Within 4 to 7 days (up to 14) you should see marijuana seedlings poking out of the cube.

When this occurs move the cubes to a 2 gallon rooter DWC bucket with 3" net pot holes with a few rocks on the bottom to support the cube. Leave plenty of space for the roots to grow.

This method of marijuana seed germination isn't too difficult to learn. It might take a few times to master, but use the free marijuana seeds most marijuana seed banks offer to learn on.

These free marijuana seeds are excellent way to learn germination without possibly ruining the best marijuana seeds you actually want to grow.

Deep Water Culture is excellent for the personal use marijuana grower who plants a few marijuana seeds. The method of gardening cannabis is known to produce heavy yields.

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