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Find Your strain with Marijuana Seeds Online Advisor - step by step procedure to choose best seeds for You. Sativa, Indica or a hybrid ? Growing marijuana indoors, outdoors, or hydroponics ? Production or the connoisseur ? Large plants or in a "Sea Of Green" ? To answer these questions and to find the marijuana seeds strain that's right for you, read this section and suck the knowledge! Great marijuana pictures.

Marijuana Seeds Advisor

We tried to collect as many growguides as possible. Why? Because they are personal and group experiences of pros and amateurs. They give us perspective and details. What is impossible to find in one guide, there is in another. Compare, build the knowledge, adjust it to Your personal needs and GROW. Describe what you think is important in your experiences and SHARE. We all need to learn from each others successes and mistakes.

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Marijuana entering the body - Marijuana Seeds, Use and Effects Guides

Misty Marijuana Seeds 35 EUR Convert price to $ Price for 10 seeds at recommended seedbank
(additional 20 Free Seeds with every order)

Loaded with crystals. Looks like White Widow but produces denser buds. Misty is a strong flavoured plant that remains short and bushy and is very resinous - with a family relationship of White Widow and Snow White, that's a standard. Misty yields a powerful relatively light smoke, great for sharing, extraordinary taste and it's easy to grow.
High: A really nice stoney and uplifting feeling. It's enough to smoke a half spliff and you are in an "altered state". The high lasts for a long time - nice Sunday afternoon smoke. Rather sweet anisette/wildflower bouquet.

Type: indica-sativa mix
Yield: 425 gr/m²
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Grow Difficulty: easy

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Misty Cannabis Seeds

Whenever a pot user smokes marijuana or eats it, THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) gets into his body. After inhaling the smoke, THC gets into the lungs and through lungs it goes into the bloodstream and finally reaches the brain. The most potent chemical in cannabis is THC. THC is the substance which is causing the high marijuana is famous about.

Most usual way to consume marijuana is smoking. Smoking marijuana is the fastest way to get THC into your blood. When you inhale the smoke from your pipe, the THC rich smoke goes directly to your lungs. In your lungs the smoke gets to alveoli(from Latin,means "little cavity") where the ingestion of gas happens. Alveoli have enormous big surface area which makes it easy for THC to enter the blood. The smoke absorption is very short and it will take only few seconds for the THC from the smoke to enter the bloodstream.

Another way of consuming marijuana is by eating it. When you eat marijuana, it enters your stomach and will be absorbed by the blood from there. Blood will disperse it to other parts of your body and finally to the brain. Downside of eating marijuana is that it takes more time for the THC to get into your body compared to smoking, but on the other side, when you eat marijuana its effects will last longer.

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